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Swimming is great exercise and good fun too.

Would you like to ;

learn to swim
improve your swimming strokes
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Half hour lessons with qualified swimming teachers

Ladies from 19 to 90! We welcome all abilities, including non-swimmers.

Come and watch our Tuesday swimming classes, by visiting The Dolphin and viewing from the gallery.

New members are always welcome.

It was September 2007 - and I wasn't looking forward to the dreary empty winter months ahead. My husband had passed away after a long illness and getting on with life was quite hard. We had been married for 48 years and trying to find a new interest seemed pointless. However early one Friday morning Isobel and Jean persuaded me to join them swimming. I hadn't been for a swim for many years and didn't really want to go. I just couldn't believe how pleasant and relaxing it was and when another swimmer said "Are you in the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club? " "You must be joking" I said, "I am not a good enough swimmer for that." "They always welcome new members" said this gentlemen (who I later discovered happened to be the Treasurer's husband!!) Isobel badgered me even more and low and behold much to my surprise I turned up the following Tuesday morning very anxious and wondering why I had been talked into this. That was the beginning of fun and learning. I am still so grateful to the ladies in my group - so encouraging and welcoming. I could not believe how much swimming had changed in 25 years and I sunk at my first attempt at the 'new' breaststroke. Discovering at my age just what can be done to improve your stroke was really exciting. I never believed I could do the crawl, still breathe and not drown. It's just wonderful.Thank you to all the members of the DLSC, and Sue Bridgman who is so encouraging and makes learning fun. I never dreamt that on a cold frosty morning I would look forward to getting up and going swimming. The coffee and chat afterwards is also an attraction!
Pauline Leeney.

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Haywards Heath  

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